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Acrylic and Maple Tissue Dispenser

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We have never seen a more aesthetically pleasing way to keep your box of tissues close at hand. A genius design of laser cut and bent acrylic, solid maple, and rubber feet. The wood cover is perfectly weighted to make dispensing easy and smooth.

Details + Dimensions

Acrylic and Maple wood

To use, remove regular sized tissues from box and place under wood cover. *Best to get the tissue boxes that have the one single opening on the top of box, as opposed to the tissue boxes that open on 2 sides.

About the Artist

Human Crafted is based in Madison, Wisconsin and was founded by Jon Alling. Their mission is to make items that improve the little moments in our lives. Each product and package is produced in house because they believe being hands-on provides the freedom to experiment, but also the opportunity to obsess over every detail.

Designer's Perspective

Every bathroom deserves one. Every. Single. One.