Hagl Black Rug

Hagl Black Rug

Beautiful + Washable + Durable

Inspired by the winter weather, Hagl is both playful and geometric.

    High quality doormat with thick pile and rubber backing made in Norway.

    Machine washable! Perfect in the entryway, by the backdoor, in the kitchen, kid's room, patio, anywhere! 

    Available sizes:

    45 x 100 cm (17.72" x 39.37")
    45 x 150 cm (17.72" x 59.06") 
    60 x 85 cm (23.62" x 33.46")
    85 x 115 cm (33.46" x 45.28") 
    85 x 150 cm (33.46" x 59.06")

      Sizes larger than 60x85cm are custom orders and will be shipped within 3 weeks.

      About the Designer:

      Heymat is a spin-off from an industrial cleaning firm in Northern Norway. Their many years of experience from leasing mats to commercial and industrial enterprises throughout Norway has lead to perfecting the practice of keeping dirt of these premises. When a mat has to stand up to hundreds fo dirty shoes passing over it every day, only the very best is good enough.