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Handmade Etched Demi Planter with Teardrop Saucer

Plant Worthy

We love the handmade etching on these planters. The perfect size for succulents or small plants. Complete with drainage holes and saucer, your plants will be happy.

About the Artist:

Anne Carnevale, the artist behind Carnevale Clay, believes an object tells a story.  

Her work is inspired by functional objects that have been present throughout history- a cup, a plate, a spoon, a water jug... timeless, clean and simple. Traveling in the mediterranean as a child, Anne became acutely aware of the handmade in the region.  Its architecture and artifacts awakened an artistic sensibility that has shaped her life & work. 

Carnevale creates sculptural vessels that are, like the human figure, unique and one of a kind, changing from every view point.  Art pieces that are made to be held and used. objects that aesthetically enhance the everyday moments of life.  The vessels are coil hand sculpted, a technique that reaches into antiquity and predates throwing on a wheel.  The simplicity of hand building artistically stands out in a world that is striving towards mathematical perfection- where the human imprint of the creative moment is hidden or lost.  

For Anne, the imperfect line & the off-centered object is the art.