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Zir Vessel

Zir is a Nubian word for a water storage amphorae that is traditionally seen in pairs. These skillfully designed vessels were made of semi-porous clay with a wide belly and tapered bottom, keeping water cool in the high desert temperatures.

Beyond its function, the Zir is a symbol of Nubian generosity as they were placed outside of homes for passer-bys and travelers to quench their thirst.

The Zir Vessel is sturdy enough to be carried by the handle.

About the Designer:

Dina Nur Satti is the designer and maker behind Nur Ceramics, and producers every piece out of her studio. Her background studying African and Middle Eastern cultures and societies, and her lifelong interest in cultural anthropology are infused into the intention and symbolism behind her work. Through her ceramics, she strives to provide a window into the aesthetic brilliance and artistic sophistication of cultures that are often overlooked.