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Arch Flower Frog

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Through minimalist design and strong craftsmanship, this one-of-a-kind piece is a functional and sculptural work of art.

Details + Dimensions

Approx. 4"-5" tall

Decidedly non symmetrical arch

Entire body gently mottled texture

Various sized small holes at dome top

Available in Spalted or Natural wood.

About the Artist

Through minimalism and strong craftsmanship, Allison Samuel strives towards sustainability in production practices and working ethos, maintaining a light footprint while contributing to a more equitable future within our industry.
Working out of her studio in East Williamsburg, NY, her work emphasizes, and is dictated in part by, the unique properties she observes within raw material itself.

Designer's Perspective

I love placing this object a top a stack of books, filled with dried twigs and branches.