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**Ayate Bath Strips

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Soft scrubbing power with convenient handles to make it easier to reach your back, and neck

Details + Dimensions

Dimensions: 25" L x 4" W


Derived from agave plants, they have a naturally coarse texture that's perfect for gently exfoliating.

Easy to hang dry, resist mold and mildew, and can also be machine washed to prolong use.

About the Artist

Public Goods has three guiding principals. Their products are healthy and sustainable - all products are good for people and the planet. Their simple, minimalist packaging is
designed to look beautiful in your space, rather than stand out on a drug store shelf. And they create products that are affordable and accessible.

Designer's Perspective

Your bath deserves to look as your home! The agave fibers are excellent at exfoliating your skin while you use your soap of choice, not to mention we love the cord loops that make it easy to hang dry