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Brocade Pillow - Tofu

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These eco friendly, fair trade cotton pillows have a story you can feel good about.


Details + Dimensions

Created in the southern state of Kerala on Kannur handlooms, these incredible cotton pillows carry on a rich tradition of cotton weaving in the country. While weaving traditions go back to the 16th and 17th century in India, cotton as a form of national pride and solidarity grew out of the social reform movements of the 20th century. This weaving revolution allowed Indians to reengage their weaving traditions as a form of national pride and generate an income based on national ingenuity.

While not all cotton in India engages in healthy, people-focused practices, our weavers in the South are distinct in their dedication to paying fair living wages, increasing living standards and bringing 100% literacy rates to the region.

From: India

Size: 20in x 20in

Materials: 100% cotton

About the Artist

Crafting a life well-lived.
A grounded lifestyle brand for the modern world.
Transforming the relationship to everyday, material goods

At Territory, they create pieces that uplift everyday experience. Their designs utilize organic, nature-based materials that bring a grounded yet energetic presence into your home and life. Their production is people powered, collaborating with master weavers and artists from around the globe. Their process is guided by the principles of a caring economy, sustainability and cultural preservation.

Designer's Perspective

It's important to layer different sizes and shapes when placing pillows on a sofa or bed. This pillow is the perfect neutral pairing for any collection.