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Bundle of Palo Santo

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Harvested in Ecuador from naturally fallen Palo Santo branches, this Holy Wood is known for its cleansing properties and is said to enhance creative energy and bring good fortune to those who are open to it’s magic

Details + Dimensions

Includes 4 palo santo sticks

Use a match or lighter to ignite your stick, allow it to burn for roughly 30 seconds. Blow it out and move about your space, when finished place in a heat proof dish and let the glow slowly dim on its own.

About the Artist

Founder Brit Roennigke was on a quest to capture the intoxicating spring scent of citrus blossom and jasmine in Los Angeles neighborhood of Glassell Park, and thus R O E N candles was born. What began as a labor of love quickly evolved into a true passion and eventually, a small business.

By drawing inspiration from her past experience in Fashion, Styling, and Product Development she has created a thoughtfully designed and irresistibly scented collection.

Designer's Perspective

Placed in a brass or ceramic bowl, these Palo Santo sticks make a fragrantly beautiful accent.