Notary Ceramics Candle holders - white - handmade

Ceramic Candlestick Holder / Large Brown-Grey

Stoneware candlesticks look beautiful in trios or simply on their own. Holds a standard taper candle.



Small: 4" diameter/ 1.5" high

Medium: 4" diameter / 3" high

Large: 4.25" diameter / 4/5" high

About the Artist:

Sarah Van Raden, the artist behind Notary Ceramics works out of her studio space in Portland, Oregon. All of her pieces are handmade and unique, and the clays are sourced locally and made in the Pacific Northwest. After nearly a decade working as a photo stylist, Sarah feels she has found her true passion in creating pottery. The imperfection, the wobbles, the wonkiness... it all works to create beautiful handmade products that remind you of the person that spent their time creating it for you to enjoy.  "My heart is in every piece", says Sarah.