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Ceramic Chasabal 1
Ceramic Chasabal 1
Ceramic Chasabal 1

Ceramic Chasabal 1

Modern Relics

 Faceted bowl, suitable as chawan or chasabal. Clear gloss interior,  soft matte semi-opaque exterior.

Dimensions (approximate): 3.75" tall x 4.75" wide

 Clay Body: Ochre Stoneware

About the Designer:

Kkokkodek is a collection of wares made by ceramic artist, Nancy Kwon.

Her work echoes the fragmented, serene qualities found in relics and artifacts. Much of her inspiration stems from ancient Korean ceramics and from her formal training in Japanese pottery. She incorporates and reinterprets motifs from classical forms, like traditional wares used in tea ceremonies or vessels used for food storage, creating work that recalls the history behind the material. 

Nancy was born in Los Angeles and spent part of her childhood in Seoul, South Korea where her family is from. She is currently living and working in New York City.