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Ceramic Odette Vase

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Inspired by the seafaring towns of the Iberian coast. A coil-built conical vase adorned with a single undulating fin.

Details + Dimensions

Body is white stoneware that fires to a buff beige, finished with milky white glaze.

Each piece is handmade and one-of-a-kind

Measures approximately 5” tall and 3” in diameter at base excluding the fin.

About the Artist

Mary Lee, creates beautiful ceramics in her New York City Studio.

You may notice references to ancient mythology and the cosmos in inspiration and in product names. She also partners with her dad once in a while to feature his Chinese calligraphy paintings on porcelain wares in the Bamboo Brush collection. This connection to culture and history is one that fuels both her work and travels.

She hopes that others can connect with her fondness for organic shapes and natural hues. The goal is to offer items that feel good to hold, blend well together and among other styles, that are beautiful and special, and (most of all) useful.

Designer's Perspective

I love the organic quality this vase has. I'd use this piece on a shelf, table, or tabletop -beautiful empty or paired with a single bloom.