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12" Cylinder Planter

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Premium high-fired stoneware planter with optional stand

Details + Dimensions

-Sized to fit plastic grow pots with extra room for drainage
-Completely waterproof - Won't leak on your furniture or floors
-No drain hole - ideal for indoor or outdoor applications

-Handcrafted from sustainably harvested plantation grown Teak
-Finished with non-toxic, non-VOC oil
-Stand can be flipped over to offer more or less height

-Sized to accommodate most: 5-gallon and 12" nursery pots

About the Artist

LBE design has three main focuses- uncompromising quality, sustainability, and timeless design.

Designer's Perspective

It's no secret that one of my favorite decorative elements to appoint a space with are plants.
And it happens that this is one of my favorite planters to use in our projects. I love that the stand is able to be used both ways to create a taller or shorter moment. Beautifully timeless design that works with any aesthetic - both indoors and outdoors.