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Handmade Ceramic Vase No. 13

Handmade Ceramic Vase No. 13

One-of-a-kind Ceramic Vase

dimensions: roughly 8"h x 5"w


About The Artist:

Sarah Veak is the artist behind Veak Ceramics in Kansas City, Missouri.

Sarah makes functional ware because of her interest in the human experience with art and food. Food being emotional, social and sensual, she strives to make work that engages the senses by its visual and textural delight.

Sarah says, "My desire is that my work will speak to you as well. When you hold it, drink out of it or eat out of it. I urge you to listen to the piece and what it may be telling you. My wish is that the process of the piece might continue for you as you take it into your hands and into your home."