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Porcelain Trays/ Dune
Porcelain Trays/ Dune
Porcelain Trays/ Dune

Porcelain Trays/ Dune

Each tray is handmade with tinted porcelain. The interior is finished in a glossy glaze while the outside is left matte. Ideal for use in the kitchen or just about any other area of the home. 

  • Sm Round - 1.25” H x 3.75” Dia 
  • Pill - 1.25” H x 6.75” W x 4.75” D
  • Lg Round - 1.25” H x 7.25” Dia
  • Material - Tinted Porcelain
  • Food and dishwasher Safe

About the Designer

Andrew Molleur is a ceramicist and designer living and working in Kingston, NY. In his 1,600 square foot studio on the edge of the city’s reviving midtown arts district, Andrew uses traditional and modern techniques to design and produce his functional inlaid ceramic pieces.  

Striking a balance between fine art and relevant design, Andrew’s current work fuses his inclination toward architectonic elements with an appreciation for minimalism and functionality.  He draws on influences from architecture and design, combining clean lines, geometric fragments, and textural experiences to construct his distinct aesthetic. The result is a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces, each engaging the beholder in a visual and tactile intimacy.