Corn Short Stack Cookbook


Corn Short Stack Cookbook


A fresh ear of corn is the food lover's dream: delicious when treated simply with just a touch of butter, but perfectly capable of anchoring a cooking project. This edition explores the brilliance of both ends of the spectrum, coaxing each kernel's sweet summer flavor out onto the plate. 


Jessica Battilana is a writer, cook and recipe developer. Her first cookbook collaboration, with chef Charles Phan, won an IACP award in the Chef/Restaurant category; she has since worked on cookbooks with baker Chad Robertson and butcher Ryan Farr. Collaboration with a candlemaker is pending. Jessica’s writing and recipes have appeared in myriad publications, including SunsetGastronomicaMartha Stewart Living and The Wall Street Journal. She lives in San Francisco with her wife and two boys, with whom she shares a deep love of ice cream. Learn more about Jessica at


Short Sack is a small-format publication focused on inspiring ingredients and dependable recipes, created by the culinary world's brightest talents. Each edition is one author's love letter to a favorite ingredient in the form of thoroughly tested recipes created with the home cook in mind. Each book also offers original illustrations and a career's worth of kitchen knowledge and tips. Like the best food magazines, Short Stack editions are concise, affordable, and built for function. Like the best cooking books, each volume is a beautiful object meant to be collected, gifted and, most importantly, cooked from again and again.


Size: 4.5" x 7.5"
Length: 48 pages