MINNA handwoven hand towel - tea towel - dish towel
MINNA handwoven hand towel - tea towel - dish towel

Handwoven Grey Shapes Towel

classic yet modern addition to any kitchen or bathroom

The towels are soft enough to function as hand towels, and durable enough to soak up spills around the kitchen. Finished with a rustic edge and fringe. Handwoven in Oaxaca, Mexico. 

Due to the nature of handcrafted goods, each towel may differ slightly.

Product Specs:

20" x 26"

Machine washable, tumble dry or hang dry

About the designer:

MINNA is a New York based home textile brand established in 2013 by Sara Berks.

MINNA uses traditional craft techniques to produce ethically made goods with a contemporary edge. Employing a cottage industry approach, MINNA partners with master weavers and artisan collectives in Mexico, Guatemala, and Uruguay, which helps ensure craft preservation and job creation.

As a weaver herself, Sara's designs are informed and inspired by Feminist art, the Bauhaus, traditional craft, and vintage textiles.