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Maya Meditation Cushion

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The Maya meditation cushion is here to make your daily meditation practice a bit more comfortable and perhaps, a bit more stylish.


Details + Dimensions

The Maya meditation cushions have an organic cotton canvas outer and a center that is filled with hypoallergenic buckwheat hulls that conform to your body. When using these cushions, you will be pleasantly surprised by how you feel when you sit for your daily practice.

Designed to help you create the internal quiet that you are seeking.


small - 16" diameter

large - 18" diameter

About the Artist

Crafting a life well-lived.
A grounded lifestyle brand for the modern world.
Transforming the relationship to everyday, material goods

At Territory, they create pieces that uplift everyday experience. Their designs utilize organic, nature-based materials that bring a grounded yet energetic presence into your home and life. Their production is people powered, collaborating with master weavers and artists from around the globe. Their process is guided by the principles of a caring economy, sustainability and cultural preservation.

Designer's Perspective