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Qü Candleholders

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Sculpture by artist, Re Jin Lee.


Details + Dimensions

This sculpture by artist, Re Jin Lee, is a unique assembly of individually rolled out slabs, carefully slow dried to bone dry state, finished with multiple layers of brushed-on slip on the surface and glazed inside. A piece may be kiln fired once or twice to reach the desired surface texture.

Minor flaking may occur due to the nature of the material.

Please note: Avoid colored candles as the surface is susceptible to staining. Feature: candle spike attached.

About the Artist

Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil to South Korean parents, Re Jin Lee is greatly influenced by the mix of Brazilian modern architecture, like the works of Oscar Niemeyer and Lina Bo Bardi, Portuguese colonial architecture and traditional Korean arts.After receiving degrees in Art, Fashion and Design at FASM (São Paulo) , Central Saint Martins, London College of Design (London) and Istituto Europeo di Design (Milan), Re Jin moved to the U.S. to pursue a career in fashion design and styling where she discovered her passion for home and product design.Today, Re Jin’s ever changing journey has landed in exploring the forms of ceramic art sculptures. Subconsciously taking in the influence of the surrounding softness of nature and the unpredictable moods of self, while still maintaining the firm structure of past influences. Re Jin’s work is a unique assembly of individually rolled out clay slabs and coils created by a 'hand and clay' collaboration inspired by the contemplative process of ceramics and belief in simplicity.All of Re Jin’s works are one of a kind unless marked as limited or open editions.

Designer's Perspective