Rosa Storage Basket Hamper / Medium
Rosa Storage Basket Hamper / Medium

Rosa Storage Basket Hamper / Medium

Simple Storage

This beautiful African hamper is irresistible whether it's doing it's job as a laundry hamper, used as a storage container or just standing as a design piece. Crafted by a network of more than 100 rural Wolof woman, this laundry hamper provides critical fair trade income for women who face difficulty finding individuals to purchase their baskets locally. The artisans use traditional coil-style weaving techniques that have been passed down for generations. 

  • size: approximately 14" d x 21-22" t (including the lid)
  • woven of plastic strips and millet grass
  • handles allow for easy portability.
  • lidded top
  • wipe clean
  • may have slight variations in design and size as this is a one-of-a-kind handmade product


      Meet the Artisans

      Our baskets and hampers are handmade by the loving hands of global village artisans. These Senegalese baskets are made with age-old weaving techniques passed down from generation to generation. It takes the women two days to finish a single large hamper. They work from home, usually weaving under mango trees in the late afternoon and evening. 

      Once the basket is finished the men in the village help with transportation and packing. It then travels 6,347 miles to us where it's packaged up and sent off to its new home. The entire process allows our artisans to extend their market from local to global, allowing them the opportunity for independence and empowerment. Thank you for supporting their work and allowing their traditions to be passed down through families and into the global marketplace. Together we are helping individuals in one of the world's least developed countries provide for their families with healthy working conditions and a path to economic independence.