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August Linen Cream Striped Bath Towel
August Linen Cream Striped Bath Towel
August Linen Cream Striped Bath Towel


Thin Stripe Bath Towel

Sustainable + Durable + Livable

The Thin Stripe Bath Towel is one of the best. We love this oversized towel's thoughtful design; the tones and patterns strike a perfect balance of simplicity and detail. It's sturdy, heavy-weight, functional and absorbent. This bath towel is built to improve over years of daily use.

The Thin Stripe Towel comes from the Baltic region of Europe, where its flax is grown, harvested, woven and finished. Flax is unparalled for kitchen and bathroom; it's easy on the earth, totally renewable, anti-bacterial (no more smells!) and highly absorbent. Also available as a washcloth

100% Linen — Made in the Baltics

71 x 130cm  |  28 x 51"
Linen is easy to live with and care for.

Machine wash on warm, then dry on medium heat or hang outdoors.

About the Designer:

August Linen, located in Vancouver and created by husband and wife Tara and Ian Spencer, was born out of a love of simple, functional, well-designed objects, and a passion for artisan quality goods. Their focus is on simple construction, thoughtful design, responsible sourcing and exquisite textures. They believe in the beauty of bringing this into our day-to-day routines.

The brand is rooted in a dislike for waste, and a belief in mindful consumption;  only creating items that can stand the test of time, so you can buy fewer of them. They believe in choosing the right sorts of excess: excessive quality, durability, practicality and craftsmanship.