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Walnut Scrubber Sponge

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The walnut scrubber sponges is an eco-friendly upgrade from traditional sponges—it's hypoallergenic and made of natural vegetable cellulose

Details + Dimensions


4 count

Walnut-based scrubbing abrasive and all natural vegetable cellulose

These scrubber sponges are plant-based and do not contain harmful toxins like triclosan, a pesticide commonly used in sponges that is linked to health problems and environmental damage

About the Artist

Public Goods is committed to making healthier, more informed choices easy and accessible to all. They focus on creating healthy and sustainable products, that are for the good of people and the planet, with a intentional and simple packaging

Designer's Perspective

Minimal and aesthetically pleasing—designed to tackle the toughest jobs on dishes, counter-tops, and anywhere else in your home!