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**Zir Vessel

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Beautiful Handmade Ceramic sculptural vessel.

Zir is a Nubian word for a water storage amphorae that is traditionally seen in pairs. These skillfully designed vessels were made of semi-porous clay with a wide belly and tapered bottom, keeping water cool in the high desert temperatures.

Beyond its function, the Zir is a symbol of Nubian generosity as they were placed outside of homes for passer-bys and travelers to quench their thirst.

Details + Dimensions


About the Artist

Dina Nur Satti is a Brooklyn-based ceramic artist originally from Sudan and Somalia. She was raised in France and Kenya and has called NYC home for 16 years.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in International & Intercultural Studies with a focus on the cultures of Africa and the Middle East. Her pursuit of ceramics was born out of her studies in African art and pre-colonial African societies, and an interest in learning how ritual objects and spatial design elevate experiences. 

Designer's Perspective

This beautiful sculptural piece will elevate any space, this vessel is great to place on open shelving or a credenza. Truly one of a kind.